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“Before this course, I was trying the ‘discipline of the month’; finally, a parenting style that is comprehensive and makes so much sense because it truly is ‘from the heart.’ I wish I had taken it as soon as I got pregnant!”
Cindy Ashley

“Parenting From The Heart has opened my mind to a profound way of thinking. My hope is that this way of teaching spreads to humanity within the next generation.”
Glen Nolte

“Making an investment that will impact my life, my children’s lives and their children is priceless.”
Bret Young

“Wonderful information to use in every relationship and area of my life not just with my child.”
Hiromi Hiraoka

“This course allows and encourages the parent to open their mind & heart to the new and amazing possibility of loving & compassionate parenting.”
Lindsay Irvine

“Fabulous course! Highly recommend it!”
Amy St. Helaire, MFT

Are You Tired of Nagging and Scolding With Little Response?

Do You Want Peace, Cooperation, and Harmony in Your Home?

Parenting From The Heart Founders, Linda and Ty Hatfield believe that parenting is supposed to be fun. If you are a parent committed to creating the family of your dreams, you have come to the right place. Through workshops, classes, keynotes and parent coaching, they create a safe, fun and non-judgmental environment for learning life-changing parenting skills that empower your family.

Listen to Linda and Ty talk about self-esteem on "The Parenting Hour" radio show!

Power Struggles to
Authentic Cooperation

A Heart Centered Guide to Parenting

NEW interactive parenting workshop
now available on DVD or CD! 

Parenting From The HeartParenting From The Heart's Mission
is to teach parents to:

Nurture the unique spirit within
each child
Cherish caring and unconditional loving relationships with their
Model truthfulness, kindness, integrity, and mutual respect with
their children
Recognize mistakes as a wonderful opportunity to learn
Resolve conflicts peacefully in the home with a win-win attitude

Click here to learn more about the Hatfield's Beliefs and Heart Intentions.

"Ty and Linda helped me realize I want to be a better listener, lecture less, empower more, and allow my children to be responsible for making decisions in their own lives."

"Now I really look at my girls in a different light. Coming from love and wanting to stay connected rather than feeling the need to punish."

Our Beliefs

Every child is unique and their individuality is valuable to the family and to the world.
Every child can have high self-esteem, be self-motivated, and respectful of themselves and others when
parented from the heart.
How we treat our children today has a direct influence on their self-opinion and the choices they will make
as teenagers and adults.
Parents have the single most important influence on children lives.
Empowering our children to make meaningful decisions every day enhances the quality of their lives and
gives them the ability to be their creative selves.
Parenting is fun!

Parenting from the Heart

Our Intentions

Parenting From The Heart will assist you in creating:

A family who experiences a sense of "Team"
A family with children who experience connection and win-win cooperation with siblings and friends
A family that communicates in a healthy, productive manner
A family that honors each individual's unique spirit
A family who has children with strong self-esteem

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